Bloodrayne 2


It’s must be Dr. Boll’s year.

The original film was, while no masterpiece, an OK 18th century vampire b-movie, with a pretty impressive cast doing their best in a fairly retarded movie. I liked it in the way you like a “Deathstalker” movie. Unlike the good doctors’ previous effort, “Alone in the Dark” or “House of the Dead”, it wasn’t incomprehensible and Tara Reid was nowhere to be found. Besides, I have no emotional connection to whatever video game it was based off of so I could have cared less about how faithful it was to the source material.

It was a huge flop at the box-office, but nevertheless, Uwe Boll says, “Here comes the Rayne again” and flashed us forward 200 years and 3000 miles away from Romania to the Wild West town of Deliverance.

Zach Ward (previously seen in Boll’s “Postal”, “Transformers” but who you know best as Scut Farkus from “A Christmas Story”) is the outlaw Billy the Kid, who happens to be an old vampire. He’s pretty nasty. He’s evil, all right, because he eats up families. He kidnaps all the kids in Deliverance, and holds them hostage. He’s hoping to keep the parents in check until a new railway comes through the town offering up lots of fresh blood to build up his army of outlaw cowboy vampires. Oh, what can I say? I freakin’ love vampire cowboys! Give me cowboy vampires and little kids strung up on a make-shift gallows and I’m a happy horror fan. Of course, as you might have guessed Rayne is on her way to town and she’s got some ass to kick.

And let me tell you, if you want hot half-vampire chicks, then look no further than Natassia Malthe as fantastic as Rayne, she’s a fine replacement for Kristianna Lokken. I liked Zach Ward better in “Postal”, and I’m not sure he’s entirely well-suited for villain roles, but he does an affable job.

That’s it. Pretty simple, and really what more do you need? The film is a lot smaller in scope than the first “Bloodrayne”, which I think works to the advantage of the movie. If I had to compare it to anything I’d say it’s a lot like one of those old “Full Movie” movies that Charles Band used to put out in the late 80’s and early 90’s before that company turned into a big joke. It’s a low-budget b-movie that’s a hell of a lot better than it should be. It’s a little long for my tastes (saw the unrated version, which could really be about 10 minutes shorter) but overall not bad. Not worth buying but catch it on cable or make it a rental.


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