Shock Till You Drop.com reported yesterday that they’ve exclusively learned the new FRIDAY THE 13TH "remake" from Platinum Dunes has found it’s writers! Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, the writers behind FREDDY VS JASON are taking a crack at the new FRIDAY THE 13TH film. Originally, director Jonathan Liebsman (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING) was attached, but it’s undetermined if he’s still slated to direct. (Hopefully not, since TCM: THE BEGINNING totally sucked.) As long as it’s nothing like Mike C.’s prediction from December of 2005… Read on for that…

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  • Latex_face

    TCM: THE BEGINNING sucked? Dude, you’ve been chewing on Chinese paint chips haven’t you?

  • http://www.iconsoffright.com Robg

    Actually, American paint chips. They taste better. ;-D I love all the Texas Chainsaw movies except TCM 4: Return Of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Beginning. I take offense when a director holds the genre in contempt. (He confesses to not liking horror.) Just don’t like the “wrestler” version of Leatherface either. Prefer the crazy retarded fellow I love from the original 3 movies. Just my humble opinon. Everyone’s entitled to one.

  • http://www.iconsofthering.com Mikey PW

    Rob G is right! A more retarded Leatherface is the leatherface I know and love! I’m tired of all the old school ICONS of FRIGHT turning into “jacked up” Hulk Hogans!