Since we update the interviews on the main page so frequently, I thought it’d be neat to re-showcase past interviews in the off chance you missed them on their initial run. So, this month I wanted to re-introduce you to filmmaker ERIC NICHOLAS, who wrote and directed the creepy, inventive & unique indie flick ALONE WITH HER, starring Colin Hanks and Ana Claudia Talancon. Colin Hanks plays Doug, a socially inept, lonely salesman who becomes obsessed with the beautiful and vulnerable Amy (Talancon) and begins intrigrating himself into her life. The entire movie is seen through the perspective of Doug’s hidden camera’s making us, the viewer the voyuer. Read on for our interview and DVD review!

Click on the frame to read our FRIGHT exclusive interview with filmmaker ERIC NICHOLAS:


And check out our DVD review of ALONE WITH HER by clicking the box below (Don’t judge it by that cover, by the way):

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