Last year, After Dark Films conducted an experiment where they released "8 Films To Die For" theatrically across the country in one big weekend. While the roll-out of several horror films in one shot had it’s snags, the idea and event was a success. So much so, that After Dark plans to return with "8 More Films To Die For" on November 9th through November 18th, 2007! The first 3 films have been announced. They include Dario Piana’s THE DEATHS OF IAN STONE, Rolfe Kanefsky’s NIGHTMARE MAN and Jim Mickle’s MULBERRY STREET. We had interviewed filmmaker Rolfe Kanefsky ealier this year and are so pleased that NIGHTMARE MAN is among one of the first for HORRORFEST 2! Read on for our interview with him!

Click on the frame to read our FRIGHT exclusive interview with filmmaker ROLFE KANEFSKY, where he discusses HORRORFEST 2 entry NIGHTMARE MAN, as well as THERE’S NOTHING OUT THERE and THE HAZING!


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