Night Of The Demons 2


Wow! A horror sequel from my teens that I actually don’t think I’d ever watched before! And it’s so odd. Coming off of watching several DVD’s in a row, it amazes me that crap from the late 80’s/early 90’s is FAR better then crap of today. At least back then, people were inventive with their horror films (and horror sequels). They’d try radical things. They’d make certain situations funny. And they’d actually rely on practical make-up FX! This movie’s got hot chicks. Demons. A nun who kicks ass with a ruler. Some good laughs. An attempted sacrifice. Boobs. Neat FX gags (courtesy of Steve Johnson). Lesbian kissing. More demons. And a killer named Angela! What more could you ask for?

Ok, this isn’t the most ground-breaking serious horror film from the early 90’s, but guess what? It’s fun! AND entertaining! I was far more entertained watching this then I was the last few new DVD’s that told very “serious” stories.

While St.Rita’s Catholic school is gearing up for their annual “Halloween” party, bad girl Shirley and her friends decide to take the party elsewhere off campus. Namely the old Hull House, where legend has it, Angela Franklin had her infamous party years back, which led to several deaths at the hands of demons! The group trick Melissa “Mouse” Franklin (Angela’s little sister) into joining them. Between student Perry (Robert Jayne) messing with demonology and the girls snatching lipstick from the old Hull House, Angela’s ready to make her grand return for another party and bring some uninvited demons along for the ride!

Of note for this flick? The babes. Bibi played by Cristi Harris is the lead, and she’s absolutely gorgeous. I wish she did more genre stuff because I’d pay to see anything she’s in! Her best friend is Terri played by none other then Christine Taylor (Mrs. Ben Stiller!) in one of her first roles. Ironically enough, one of the characters jokingly calls her “Marsha” at one point, who she later went on to play in The Brady Bunch movie. Bad girl Shirley is played by Zoe Trilling, who made brief appearances in other genre movies such as DR. GIGGLES, THE BORROWERS and NIGHT TERRORS. Ameilia Kinkade is back as Angela, a role she later reprised again for NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 3. (Hope that one sees a DVD release too!) (Fright Fact – She currently works as an “animal communicator” and claims to have the psychic ability to talk to animals! So says IMDB!)

Also of note is the work of Steve Johnson. Really, there’s some solid “demon” FX in here, as well as a beheading and even at one point a “boobie-trapped” boobie grab! Not to be taken too seriously, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2 is a fun horror movie for those drunken movie nights you may have with your buddies. –Robg.

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