The second season of Master’s of Horror has had its ups and downs in my opinion, but, The Screwfly Solution is about as up as it gets. As provocative as Dante’s first entry into the series (Homecoming) was, this as more than its equal. To begin with, because of a slick bit of casting, they sidestepped the Canadian laws that have limited some of their star power in the past. By casting Jason Priestly in one of the title roles, he fills the Canadian requirement of citizenship for actors. That allowed them to bring in Elliot Gould as well and then the very talented Kerry Norton to be the real star of the film.

Anne (Norton) is married to Allen (Priestly) and they are very happy. Allen works with Barney (Gould) and the two specialize in genetics and it’s effects on the environment. The actual discover a way to lower the Screwfly population (thus the title) and save many crops and livestock from a horrible swarming death. Not long after this, there is a rash of men slaughtering women. To the point that they close the Texas border because they think there is something contagious down there. The duo is called in and Allen leaves Anne and his daughter behind. Basically, humanity is becoming like the flies. Someone has found a way to sterilize humanity and lower the population. But who would do such a thing? The Russians? The Iraqis” No, it’s happening to them as well. It turns out the only way to stop the slaughter is to castrate men and lower their testosterone level. Barney does it, and Allen doesn’t and as he loses control he warns Anne as to what happens. It is up to Anne to survive with her daughter, but if her husband isn’t safe, how is any male?

The film is an amazingly scary look into Bio-engineering, bigotry, sexism and general hatred existing in humanity. Not to mention a sickening look at how man treats what he considers lower life forms. I can’t recommend this episode of Masters of Horror enough.

Special Features: There is a behind the scenes segment that looks at the filming of the show, a special effects documentary and an audio commentary with Dante and writer Sam Hamm, which is actually quite good.

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