IVORY, THE (El Marfil)


Laguna Productions brings us the release of The Ivory (El Marfil). Laguna specializes in Spanish language films and this is one of their first launches into the horror market. The film was originally released in 2004 in Argentina, but doesn’t have any cast members that will mean anything to most Americans.

The film looks like an inexpensively shot production that almost exclusively happens in two rooms of a house. The story surrounds a family that is visited by a long lost friend that they actually believed to be dead. He shows up with a piece of ancient Ivory he found in a jungle that his old friend convinces him to leave. It turns out the Ivory amulet is jinxed, but grants wishes. The wishes just turn out exactly the way you want them to. As the family discusses whether or not to use the talisman, it comes out that a third friend had stopped by and only mother knew about it. She was entrusted with an old chest that held the Ivory, which of course starts a fight between husband and wife. While this is classified as a horror movie, it is more like a noir mystery film. There is next to no gore. There are next to no big scares, almost entirely consisting of mysticism and supernatural fright to further the plot line. This is one of the first South American films I have ever seen, so I am far from an expert, but the acting was decent. The shots left a little to be desired, that was the most amateurish aspect of the film. The film was grainy and there was some long slow parts, but the end was a nice twist. The story was based on the book “The Monkey’s Leg” by William Jacobs.

Special features: actually none. They list the dubbed English version as a special feature or you can watch in Spanish with subtitles.

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