Anchor Bay has re-released a budget version of this Dario Argento/ Lamberto Bava collaboration. The two best parts of this version of the dvd is the price, marked at a mere $14.95, and the new anamorphic transfer.

For those not familiar with the film, although I am sure that is few, the basic premise of this movie is that people are drawn into a free preview of a new film but a guy in a metal mask who people presume is just a promotional stunt. The film actually has no name that you ever find out, but it is a zombie/possession/horror movie nonetheless. After all the unsuspecting viewers file into the theater, the doors mysteriously lock, and every is stuck in the lobby which is highly decorated with movie posters including Argento’s own Four Flies On Grey Velvet, Terminator and AC/DC: Let There Be Rock. In addition, there is a mannequin on a motorcycle who is holding a mask much like the ticket solicitor. One high strung patron puts it on while goofing around and cuts herself on it. After this, life starts to mimic the film they are watching on the screen and shortly after, the bleeding film goer is a demon movie goer, who tries to kill everyone. Unlike a Romero film, once bitten, a victim turns into a demon almost instantly. The rest of the film turns into a survival film, as these types of films always do. But more importantly, how will the world fair when one of the demons escapes the theater? The soundtrack is an excellent mix of ‘80’s metal like Motley Crue, Scorpions and Accept and Claudio Simonetti’s genius scores. The film is a typical ‘80’s splatterfest that holds a wonderful place in my heart as a fun piece, even if it isn’t one of the more perfect films of the time. This also stars Fiore Argento, Dario’s lesser know daughter behind Asia.

Special features: the dvd features an audio commentary, but I am sure it is the same one from the last release and a very short behind the scenes feature which actually appeared as an extra on the first letterboxed video tape they released.

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