For the record, both myself and Mike C really enjoyed Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN. I’m not sure what the recent fuss is all about. Especially considering the quality of the last couple of sequels. You can’t validly argue that HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION or HALLOWEEN 6 were better films then Rob Zombie’s take. But every one’s got an opinion, I suppose. Regardless, I enjoyed the flick, and look forward to this DVD, which looks like it’s going to offer plenty in the way of special features. FANGORIA‘s got the whole scoop. Read on.

Original article:

I loved the 30 DAYS IN HELL documentary on THE DEVIL’S REJECTS DVD. So if we get something that extensive for the HALLOWEEN DVD? Well, then I’m already sold. Here’s some choice quotes from Zombie via the FANGORIA article:

"We shot one the same way (as 30 DAYS). There’s probably even more to it than [30 DAYS] had, because that one worked so well, we were like, ‘Oh yeah, let’s do it again.’ So we’re actually editing that right now."

As far as deleted scenes material?

"Adrienne Barbeau’s scene will be in there and this big parole sequence with Udo Kier and Clint Howard. I always kinda get carried away and stuff too many people in there, and film too much. Then [in editing] I go, ‘Well…sad as it’ll be, Adrienne [wound up on the cutting room floor].’ You know, I get so excited, like now’s the chance to work with everybody all at once. Like Rutger Hauer. I actually wanted Rutger for [his GRINDHOUSE trailer] WEREWOLF WOMEN OF THE SS at one point, but it didn’t work out. Roy Scheider was someone I really wanted to get into HALLOWEEN; Charlie Martin Smith was another one who was almost in there, but there was a scheduling conflict."

"There’s also a lot of intricate stuff with Dr. Loomis and little Michael in the sanitarium. Because I wanted it to seem real, what I would do was I would tell Daeg Faerch, who played Michael, what to say, but I wouldn’t tell Malcolm [McDowell, as Loomis] what he was gonna say, so his responses would always seem genuine. There’s some good stuff in there."

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