MONTAUK UNVEILED Official Press Release!

We’ve just gotten in the official press release for Christoper P. Garetano’s new documentary film, MONTAUK UNVEILED. (The follow-up to his acclaimed HORROR BUSINESS). The flick is being produced by John Brodie. You can check out the teaser trailer and press release below!

Filmmaker Christopher P. Garetano (Horror Business) will soon release his second feature documentary titled Montauk Unveiled.

Montauk Unveiled, which began filming in July of 2006, is the tale of alleged sinister and supernatural happenings surrounding a covert air force base in Montauk, New York. Camp Hero is now a defunct air force facility that has become known to conspiracy theorists and UFO junkies around the world as one of the birthplaces of today’s modern mysteries. The subjects of this documentary (including Al Bielick of the Philadelphia Experiment) claim that in the 1970s they were part of a series of outlandish tests and experiments including everything from aliens, time travel, UFO’s, mind control, and beings from other dimensions.

The project originated with co-producer John Brodie (Sins of Government, Horror Business) who met Garetano while filming Horror Business. “It was John’s fascination with this material that led to my fascination with the entire project,” says Garetano. “We all have a subconscious desire and a need for mystery in our lives. Montauk Unveiled will be the very first film of its kind in the sense that we will explore these mysteries on a practical level where most people should find a place they can relate.”

Brodie and Garetano traveled the United States to interview men who claim they were all an integral part of what is now known as the “Montauk Project.” The resulting footage is a wonderfully entertaining and informative study of our paranoia, our fears and our fascination with modern folklore.

Currently you can view the first of a series of trailers that will lead up to the ultimate release of the film in early 2008. Please visit the film’s official myspace site for the trailer and for more information:

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