We caught up with film maker Brian Thomson recently to get the low down on his debut opus, the wonderfully titled BACHELOR PARTY IN THE BUNGALOW OF THE DAMNED. Shot entirely on location on Long Island, Brian set out to make BACHELOR PARTY a horror-comedy mash-up that delivers the goods.

"The story’s pretty simple.  A bunch of idiots head out to the Hamptons for a golfing-weekend bachelor party.  Strippers show up and bad things happen.  Then the bachelor’s fiancée shows up and really awful, truly perverse things happen.  No bodily fluids were allowed to go unspilled.  In fact, during production it struck me that we were quite possibly doing the first undead-on-human fellatio scene ever to be shot in the Hamptons." says Thomson. "If you want the super-duper nutshell version I’d say, ‘Re-read the title.’  It’s not ironic."

Sometimes novice film makers are guilty of delusions of grandeur and know-it-all-ism and can be painfully pretentious douchebags. Not this one: "During the shoot—which was pretty grueling for everyone involved—I would often try to keep morale up by reminding the cast and crew that we weren’t just making an ‘independent film’; we were making a SPECIAL EFFECTS EXTRAVANGANZA!  And we were doing it in twelve days, at half a dozen locations, for about the cost of a well-preserved Yugo."

Now that’s true indie grit right there!

Brian goes on to add, "The film should be finished by the end of August.  We’re very excited that Lloyd Kaufman from Troma Entertainment has agreed to do a little cameo role for us.  As soon as that shot is in the can, we’ll be starting on the final mixdown."

And what’s next for this modern day Roger Corman? Maybe a romantic-comedy? Perhaps an adaptation of a Jane Austen classic?

"It’s still early the days but keep your eyes peeled for a little number called BIBLE BELT VIXENS OF THE APOCALYPSE.  I’ll just say this: if the 700 Club could issue fatwas, I’d probably get one for BIBLE BELT VIXENS…"


If you head over to the official site ( you can check out the NEW "red band" trailer, stills and a really excellent production journal from Brian about the on-going process. If you are an independent film maker, you need to read this!

While you’re at it, hit ‘em up on Myspace (

BACHELOR PARTY IN THE BUNGALOW OF THE DAMNED stars genre faves Monique Dupree and Zoe Hunter, as well as newcomers Greg Aaron Greenberg, Joe Riker, Sean Parker and Joe Testa. WICKED EFX handled the grue.

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