Just Added! We’ve got a FRIGHT exclusive interview with filmmaker PAUL NATALE! Originally based out of Long Island, NY and now living in France, Paul checks in with us to talk about MISERY LOVES, his segment for the anthology film LOST SUBURBIA! Anyone who puts us on hold to inquire about tracking down an obscure Fulci film is totally cool in our book! Read on for the introduction and interview!

A forbidden place in the dark woods, a lady in white, something reflected in the headlights. Local legends, every town has them. Tales of murder and misery, of ghosts and spirits, stories that get passed down generations. On Long Island, the home of a burgeoning independent horror scene five filmmakers have collaborated over three years on “Lost Suburbia”, an anthology of local ghost stories that is half-fictional/recreation and half-documentary. Paul Natale directs the “Misery Loves” chapter of the film, which recounts the legend of Long Island’s Mount Misery.

Mount Misery has numerous supernatural legends surrounding it. Paul’s segment of the film focuses on the Overpass Suicides. Legend has it that in the 1970’s four boys committed suicide off an infamous overpass on Sweet Hollow Road, and that if you go there at night you can still see the bodies hanging.

Creepy stuff? Sound familiar to a legend in your own hometown? Paul, now living in Paris, talks to Icons of Fright about his film, and universal nature of local legends.

Click on the frame below to read it now!

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