Story: Part-mockumentary, part-horror movie, Behind The Mask is a story that exists in a world where Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers were all real and part of folklore. Leslie Vernon plans on being the next big name in horror but before he makes his grand return to the quiet little town of Glen Echo & unleashes his reign of terror, he’s invites a documentary crew to follow him around as he explains and prepares for how to become the next great “slasher” legend.

The Film Itself: Ok, by now, it should be no secret how much the entire Icons staff love this movie. I mean, we’ve got several interviews with people involved in the film, so we’ve been believers in the philosophy of Leslie Vernon since day one! Now, the DVD is finally out and everyone can see it! Is it worth the wait? Absolutely. The movie plays even better after repeat viewings. There are literally SO many homage’s and little nods to all the “slasher” greats of the 80’s. Everything from the Elm Street girls jumping rope in the background to Eugene having a Hellraiser box on his counter. The performances are still amazing to watch no matter how many times you’ve seen the flick. Nathan Baesel as Leslie Vernon is perfect, and he has an incredible knack for jumping from being a funny, humble sweet friend to a horrorifying scary, creepy killer in seconds flat. Robert Englund called him a “young Tony Perkins” on set, and his performance definitely evokes a little Norman Bates. Speaking of, we’ve got Robert Enlgund playing Doc O’Halloran, which is essentially the “Dr. Loomis” role. (Kane Hodder and Zelda Rubinstein also cameo.) Scott Wilson plays Leslie’s mentor/father figure Eugene, an old time retired “slasher” who came before all the “knock-offs” of the 80’s. And let’s not forget the classic beauty Angela Goethals (Hey, kids, she was in Home Alone!) who plays Taylor, the reporter who follows Leslie’s story. Every aspect of this film is brilliantly done. From the writing to the acting to the directing to the score! Another must-own for your collection.

Special Features: Included on the disc is an impressive and entertaining making-of documentary which covers the entire production of the movie. For someone like myself who has been following this movie for a while and has seen it several times, this stuff is pure gold. It’s fun to see a lot of the scenes come together, as well as hear director Scott Glosserman talk candidly to the camera’s about how he’s feeling about the work at hand. There’s a commentary track with the cast, which while somewhat informative is a bit all over the place! All 4 actors present (Nathan Baesel, Angela Goethals, Britain Spellings and Ben Pace) repeatedly talk over each other making it next to impossible to make anything out! The few nuggets that do come thru are good ones though. Also, there’s a casting featurette, which shows different girls auditioning for the crucial role of Taylor, as well as some deleted and extended scenes. (All of which are fun to discover here on this disc.) Make sure you go to the screenplay section on the bonus features menu and click right. It will light up a Leslie Vernon mask and give you a nice little Easter Egg! –Robg.

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