THE JOKER STRIKES! THE DARK KNIGHT trailer hits! Viral websites launched!

Now, this obviously isn’t horror… BUT we’re big comic book fans, especially of the character of BATMAN and Christopher Nolan’s film BATMAN BEGINS. Next summer Nolan continues the new BATMAN franchise with THE DARK KNIGHT. A few days ago, numerous sites started popping up on line leaving clues on how to join the JOKER’s army. It all started at It led to an on-the-street event outside of San Diego’s Comic-Con, followed by the release of a JOKER image and the first teaser trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT. Now… it’s clear that THIS JOKER is absolutely insane. Check out the teaser trailer below, along with some links and the new image!

VISIT:,, (it comes up as “page not found” but just highlight the page) and

4 thoughts on “THE JOKER STRIKES! THE DARK KNIGHT trailer hits! Viral websites launched!

  1. There seem to be some inacuracies with this Joker. I don’t think Heath Ledger cuts it as a Joker. I can see how Nolan is trying to go for a more realistic down to earth and less cartoonish Joker. But to stay true to it’s roots, it IS based on a Comic book. I’ll give Ledger a chance since I am such a HUGE Joker fan, and the past potrayals have not let me down. So let’s see some true badassery and some sick a sadistic shit. Hopefully he can be an on screen Joker from the Killing Joke…

  2. I understand your concerns but after this teaser, I hve confidence that Nolan knows what he’s doing. After all, I didn’t think Michael Caine is accurate as Alfred or even Gary Oldman as Gordon, but they both ended up being perfect. Hopefully the next trailer will set all our minds at ease. Can’t wait.

  3. Realism has been a benifit for Batman Begins, But if you disregard the fact that ever since the beginning, Red Hood jumped into a vat of chemicals to escape capture, (causing his face to be chalky white, his lips ruby red, and his hair emerald green.) if he’s not cursed to look like a clown for the rest of his days, then he’s not really our Clown Prince of Crime..If it’s all just painted stuff over a scarred face, well, that’d be more wrong than Batman having bat-nipples again. you think?

  4. As far as the Joker’s sadistic nature in this movie, that is accurate to Bob Kane’s original portrayal of the character from 1940 which is where much of his characterization is coming from. As far as his appearance in this movie, I’m not crazy about the make-up. It doesn’t look like they are using the comics origin.

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