Check out VAMP for free on You Tube!

As most of our FRIGHT fiends know from reading the site, we’re firm believers in trying to help out independent filmmakers get the word out about their movies. A couple of years ago, I met a filmmaker named Mason LeCompte who wrote, directed, produced, edited and stared in this low-budget debut feature titled VAMP. The amount of work she put into this film is impressive, and reminds me of the early works of Abel Ferrara. She’s recently broken down the film into several clips available to view via You Tube. You can check them out below along with the synopsis!

Vamp takes us into an urban underworld thick with drugs, sex and murder. There we meet the victims of a seductive vampire who preys on the lost. Vamp is an unconventional, cult, horror film. As twisted and disturbing as it is visually stimulating, the movie features mind-altering effects and intricately layered images. The movie is set to the entrancing, house and dance music of Hook the Captain.

Visit Mason via her My Space page at:

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