What’s A BlobFest?

Well, it is the 50th Anniversary of the “The Blob” and every year the town of Phoenixville, PA celebrates, and even shows the film at the very theater the blob ate up something good.
Check out a great blog from one of the convention attendees here at Cinemaslave
“The Blob” scared me very much when I was a kid, even the 50’s version. You never really saw the blob devour people in that one, and the very idea of what it did to you set my little imagination running. The 80’s remake gave me nightmares for weeks.

One thought on “What’s A BlobFest?

  1. I LOVE the Blob! Both versions, but I think I like the 80’s one better simply because it stars the ever so magnificent Shawnee Smith. It gave you nightmares? Are you kidding me?? It’s not that scary! Haha

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