A few days ago, we mentioned the August 9th DVD release date for LITTLE ERIN MERRYWEATHER, a flick we did a FIRST LOOK review of last year. Well, here’s the trailer! The film was written & directed by Dave Morwick, who also stars. And also features Brandon Johnson (MALEVOLENCE) and Vigdis Anholt as Erin Merryweather! Check it out!!!

What if Little Red Riding Hood wasn’ta helpless little girl, but a voluptuous villian. In the middle of winter, death arrives on a small New England college campus. Rumors have it that a flash of red is all you see before you die, The Little Red Riding Hood of death. A local journalism student Peter Bloom begins an investigation to uncover the killer’s identity, but the stakes grow higher as the body count rises. Peter’s quest thrusts him into a fairytale world full of nightmares…


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