This is really, really sad news. I was just informed by a friend that Richard Franklin, the Director of PSYCHO 2 passed away yesterday. He would’ve been 59 this Sunday. Richard also directed PATRICK, as well as ROADGAMES, CLOAK & DAGGER (which was scripted by Tom Holland, who also wrote PSYCHO 2), LINK and (one of my personal favorites) FX 2. (Read more…)

I’d exchanged several emails with Richard (going back almost 3 years) when I first thought up the idea of putting together a documentary on the PSYCHO franchise. In fact, he’s the one that introduced me to Tom, (via email) who has since become a good friend and great supporter.

Richard was based out of Australia so (for obvious reasons) it was rather difficult for me to meet up with him to talk about his experiences on PSYCHO 2. However, I’ll forever be grateful to him for indirectly kickstarting this project by putting me in touch with the first person I’d interview from one of the sequels. I will always forever be grateful to Richard for PSYCHO 2, which to this day still holds up, and is a film I consider one of the best horror sequels ever produced.

Our condolences to his family, friends and loved ones.

Rest in peace, Richard…

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