TRIPPER DVD art Vs Theatrical Poster?

I enjoyed the hell out of David Arquette’s directorial debut THE TRIPPER (see FIRST LOOK review HERE) when it made it’s limited theatrical release back in April. Now, with October 30th set as the date that THE TRIPPER hits DVD, I’m really hoping this movie finds the cult audience it deserves. With all that said, most sites are reporting the DVD art and specs (aka features). I’m buying this sucker no matter what. Even if it was bare-bones and copied the cover of Metallica’s "Black Album". But I was hoping for the bitchin’ theatrical poster as the cover. Read on and compare…

The DVD’s features include:

Audio commentary by director David Arquette, actors Thomas Jane, Paul Reubens and Richmond Arquette
– Deleted scenes
– Blooper reel
Behind the Spleens featurette
– Presidential Campaign Tour footage
– Trailers

Here’s the DVD cover:

The original theatrical poster:

Now which do you guys prefer?

Either way, please support David’s movie and pick up the DVD on October 30th. Check out our FIRST LOOK review:

And Our interview with David Arquette and THE TRIPPER co-writer Joe Harris:

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