Is HATCHET 2 coming sooner then we think?!

On September 7th, 2007 Anchor Bay Entertainment will release Adam Green’s much anticipated HATCHET into theaters. And Adam’s mentioned in several interviews previously that he planted plenty of seeds in this first movie for potential sequels. Could HATCHET 2 be coming sooner then we all expected? Those fiends over at DREAD CENTRAL posted a bit of news that suggests the sequel might go before the cameras as early as February of next year! (2008) Read on…

From the original DREAD CENTRAL post:

"Green made mention that the producers of Hatchet are ready for the sequel to roll as early as this February, but Green wasn’t able to confirm his involvment yet as the talks are just becoming serious. Obviously nothing is set in stone until contracts are signed, but February is the month everyone’s looking towards for a start date.

You may recall that Green’s made mention before about Hatchet 2, stating he already has a story in mind and that it may involve more of Tony Todd’s character from the first film. Of course, that won’t mean much to you until you go out and see the film when it opens on September 7th, but trust me, it’s cool news."

HATCHET opens September 7th. Adam Green’s follow-up SPIRAL will hopefully be out by early next year. (Look for an ICONS FIRST LOOK on SPIRAL soon enough)

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