After months of silence, Kevin Klemm returns to the GRINDHOUSE AFICIONADO column with what we consider his best edition yet! The summer’s not even half way over yet, so Kevin gives us 12, that’s right 12 double feature recommendations!!! Grab some gin & tonic, and head over to your local video store with this list! Read on!!!

Kevin’s opening message for Issue 5

"I know, I know. I’ve been a slacker lately about getting out the Grindhouse Aficionado columns. Between Girls and Corpses Magazine (we are now an honest to God print mag), and various other projects I’m working on, Grindhouse Aficionado had been pushed to the back burner. But no more! I am back from hiatus, and it’s time to give you some DVD suggestions to help you get through the dog days of summer.

West Coast, East Coast, and every where in between, it’s been a fucking hot summer already! Here in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley, it’s been over 100 degrees for 10 straight days. Normally we don’t see that kind of temps until August. Whether it’s global warming or what, I’m not stepping outside for nothing. I am going to be like a vampire and only go out at night when the sun goes down, and the Earth cools off some. I have Netflix, Deep Discount DVD, and Amazon to keep me supplied with movies. I can order liquor online from BevMo, and can get any kind of food I can think of, delivered right to my door. As long as my air conditioning and credit cards hold out, I’m set for the summer.

Like most people, I am not all about Grindhouse cinema, or all about horror etc… I love all kinds of films and that is going to be the slight deviation from my regular column. What I’ve done is compile a list of Grindhouse, horror, Film Noir, Hell, I even threw an Elvis movie into the mix for your enjoyment. The summer is a great time to revisit old favorites and discover some new ones. I’ve gone through my movie collection and divided the films up into double features. I hope you enjoy my picks.

So grab some popcorn and a Gin and Tonic, the first feature is about to begin."

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