Just added! Adam Barnick gives us a FRIGHT exclusive interview with DAVID J STIEVE, the writer of BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON. This is a MUST-READ for aspiring screenwriters AND die-hard fans of the cult-classic film! Ever wonder who "Eugene" was originally based on? Or where the idea for BEHIND THE MASK originated? Or what would happen in BEHIND THE MASK 2 if it ever happen? David reveals it ALL with us in this interview! Read on!

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon is no stranger to Icons of Fright readers by now. One of the most acclaimed and intelligent horror films in years, the recent theatrical release brought even more positive critical notice, and its DVD release looks to make this classic even more accessible. But where does a success story like this begin? In the imagination of writer David J. Stieve. David has several new scripts making the rounds, and is also the subject of an upcoming documentary showing the struggle to make a career in imagination come true in Hollywood. Join us as we look into LeslieVernon’s origins, explore where a potential follow-up might take us, and what it takes to bring life to characters on the page and shepherd them through a new existence onscreen! – by Adam Barnick 7/07

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