MGM releases limited edition Bubba Ho-Tep with Elvis inspired packaging



The Shady Rest retirement home is about to get a new resident: a broken-down and eccentric old geezer claiming to be the King Of Rock N Roll himself! Cult icon Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead Trilogy, Spider-Man 3) stars as Elvis Presley in Bubba Ho-Tep, returning to DVD on August 7 in a new Limited Edition, with new collectible packaging based on Presley’s own white leather jumpsuit. Campbell swings his feeble hips and joins forces with the late, great Ossie Davis (Grumpy Old Men, Do The Right Thing) – who plays a decrepit and black President John “Jack” Kennedy – to combat a blood-sucking mummy in this “wildly creative amusement” (Premiere) from screenwriter/director Don Coscarelli (Phantasm, The Beastmaster). Based on the Bram Stoker Award-nominated short story by cult author Joe R. Lansdale, Bubba Ho-Tep garnered Second Place for Best International Film at the Fant-Asia Film Festival and was nominated for Best Screenplay by the Online Film Critics Society. The Bubba Ho-Tep Limited Edition features commentary by Coscarelli and Campbell, as well as a separate commentary by “The King” himself, Joe R. Lansdale reading from his own short story, deleted scenes with optional commentary, animated photo gallery and production featurettes.

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