Today the MPAA officially gave HATCHET an "R" rating, thus eliminating any rumors or speculation that the original "NC-17" rating would effect the upcoming national theatrical run. The "R" rating is for "extreme gory bloody horror violence, sexual conduct, nudity and language". After a 2 month long process involving an appeal and multiple submissions to the ratings board, the film is finally in it’s home stretch.

From writer/director ADAM GREEN: "A big THANKS to everyone for their continued support and enthusiasm. Mainstream Hollywood claims that the fans will only support remakes and PG-13 horror at the box office these days. I hope that on September 7th we prove them wrong." HATCHET will open in theaters across America on September 7th. To make sure that the film is playing where YOU want it, visit the fan-run HATCHET ARMY page (www.myspace.com/hatchetarmy) and start making some noise today.

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