Robert Kurtzman Producing “The Dead Matter”

The Dead MatterRobert Kurtzman’s Precient 13 Entertainment will, along with Midnight Syndicate Films be producing "The Dead Matter". The film will be directed by Edward Douglas, of the band "Midnight Syndicate".

Andrew DivoffAndrew Divoff who was seen most recently as the eye-patch- wearing villain, Mikhail Bakunin, on ABC’s Lost and will be seen in the upcoming film, The Rage, will be joining the set of The Dead Matter as the character, Vellich. 

Ian McCallister, will be played by Jason Carter whose career spans everything from his renowned portrayal of Marcus Cole on Babylon 5 to characters on shows like Beverly Hills 90210, Angel, Charmed, Third Rock from the Sun, and in films like Demon Under Glass.Jason Carter

Horror-FX legend Tom Savini (Dusk Till Dawn, Dawn of the Dead), a fixture in the genre for over thirty years and seen most recently as Deputy Tolo in Grindhouse, will be portraying the devious vampire overlord, Sebed. After wrapping production on his upcoming film, Ghouls, in April, producer Gary Jones (Xena, Army of Darkness) and producer, Edward Douglas, began pre-production for The Dead Matter.

Principal photography will begin this August in Mansfield, Ohio.

Composer/filmmaker Edward Douglas founded Midnight Syndicate in 1996.  Their music is commonly used to provide atmosphere during the Halloween season, in haunted attractions and in the role-playing game industry. The film will be an expansion of a short previously directed by Douglas.

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