SAW IV! Teaser poster and First Word from Darren Lynn Bousman and Tobin Bell!

Earlier this week a number of horror websites started running the first teaser art for SAW IV, due out this October 26th courtesy of the fine folks at Lionsgate. Well, below is that poster, as well as a few tidbits that Shock Till You Drop uncovered from director Darren Lynn Bousman and JIGSAW himself Tobin Bell! Read on for the full scoop!

Everyone has been speculating about the plot of SAW IV. Some sites are running a synopsis that the film takes place directly after the end of SAW 3, where Jeff (as played by Angus Macfadyen) must find his daughter and escape the building where Jigsaw met his end. Shock Till You Drop’s Ryan Rotten got the scoop directly from director Bousman himself.

"Nobody knows what this is about," Bousman said. "Every plot synopsis you’ve read online is false and untrue. The thing with Macfadyen looking for his daughter? Believe it if you want. But no one knows what this story is."

Tobin Bell added "You find out why I’m back in the very first scene. Why I’m back and why I’m around." And why should audiences come back for another movie? Because of "a tremendous ending," added Bell.

Go to the following link for the entire article, including a tidbit on how violent the film might end up being!

And here’s that poster:

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