Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf


Can it be? A direct-to-DVD monster movie that’s doesn’t make me want to pull my eyes out in boredom and make my brains leak out of my nose? "Big Bad Wolf" puts the bite right back into cheesy low-budget horror. "Big Bad Wolf" easily stands alongside "Dog Soldiers" and "Ginger Snaps" as one of the best werewolf movies of the past few years.

The film opens several years earlier when a few hunting buddies are attacked by, well, you know… Flash forward and Derek Cowley, a kid just trying to fit in and son of one of the killed hunters, tries to prove his worth to some frat guys by sneaking the into his stepfathers secluded mountain cabin for the weekend. On a full moon. Big bad idea. Soon the monster attacks are underway and when it’s over Derek and his girlfriend Samantha are left wondering if Derek’s stepfather is all he seems to be.

You have to give writer-director Lance Dreesen a lot of credit here. Here, with a low-budget it could have been easy to set the film at the cabin letting the monster attack the kids one by one. Instead there’s a real story here, and Derek and Sam are beyond just stock characters so you’ll actually care about them.  Of course the star of the show is Richard Tyson as our title character. He’s fantastic!  Both in human and werewolf form he’s searing, menacing, and perverse. If Freddy Kruger was a werewolf, he’d be Tyson’s "Mitchell Toblat".

Of course while I’m sure while you’re watching this you’ll be surprised at how well-written and directed it is, but does it deliver as far as the monster action is concerned? Absolutely and in spade. Yes, the blood flows. Great werewolf effects suit? Hell yes! (Ok, there’s an unfortunate CGI transformation that looks not-so-good in the middle of the film, but it’s brief and the rest of the werewolf action is practical). Really, I haven’t seen a werewolf move around like this in a while. It’s great that Dreesen and his effects team decided to avoid CGI or a giant puppet because it actually gives Richard Tyson a chance to emote from behind the makeup, some thing that’s been missing from even the better wolf movies of late.

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