Just added! We’ve got a FRIGHT exclusive interview with up and coming writer/director ERIC NICHOLAS, whose impressive debut ALONE WITH HER was released on DVD earlier this month. Trust us, this is a different, unique kind-of flick you’re going to want to check out. (Look at our DVD review) Read on for the FRIGHT exclusive interview!

One of the most interesting and unique genre related films I’ve seen this year was ALONE WITH HER, which stars Colin Hanks as Doug, a lonely, socially inept young man who becomes obsessed with Amy (played by the beautiful Ana Claudia Talancon). The entire film is seen from the perspective of Doug’s hidden cameras, hence making us – the viewer the voyeur to Amy’s daily life. After seeing the flick, I knew I had to talk to writer/director behind it, Eric Nicholas. Click on the frame for to read our FRIGHT exclusive interview!

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