Just added! Jsyn scores a FRIGHT exclusive interview with super hot actress NATASSIA MALTHE! Her new flick ‘DOA: Dead Or Alive‘ opens June 15th, and you can catch her next in the werewolf flick SKINWALKERS. Read on for what we guarantee is one of the funnest interviews you’ll get to check out here on Icons Of Fright!

The gorgeous and talented Natassia Malthe has appeared in a slew of genre films including DISTURBING BEHAVIOR, ELEKTRA, HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION and is currently starring in the screen adaptation of the popular video game franchise DOA: DEAD OR ALIVE. The exquisite Ms. Malthe can also be seen in the upcoming werewolf flick SKINWALKERS as well as starring as the vampire huntress Rayne in BLOODRAYNE: DELIVERANCE. Honestly folks, she could star in DICTIONARY: THE MOVIE and we would see it. Don’t let those smoldering good looks fool you though; she could totally kick your ass with secret ninja skills and razor sharp wit. Read on as this incredibly hard-working actress takes time out of her packed schedule to trade barbs with our resident wise-ass, Jsyn. Just don’t ask her to fold your laundry. Zing!

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    Jay, nobody is more Burt Reynolds than you.