Hostel II Flops: Tortured At Box Office By Penguins

Audiences are leaving plenty of empty beds at the “Hostel” this weekend.

Source: Box Office Mojo:
Eli Roth‘s “Hostel, part II” is opening to mostly disappointing numbers. Friday estimates from “Box Office Mojo” saw “Hostel, part II” opening up in 6th place with just $3.1 million, and estimates are coming in that it should only pull somewhere around $9 million, nearly half the $19 that “Hostel” took (and only just over the opening weekend for Roth’s “Cabin Fever”). It’s not all bad news, it’s only got a $10 million budget but probably a huge disappointment for Lionsgates considering the heavy promotion.
Fair is fair thought and “Hostel II” is up against some big movies this weekend, including Ocean’s 13 and another CGI penguin party called “Surf’s Up”. Lionsgate probably should have learned it’s lesson 2 years ago when it dumped “The Devil’s Rejects” out on a summer audience only to see it mostly rejected by theatergoers. Guess not…

One thought on “Hostel II Flops: Tortured At Box Office By Penguins

  1. yeah let’s be fair, it’s one of the biggest weekends of the summer..come on Lionsgate! I had a blast at the film though.

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