Hellboy: Blood & Iron Animated


I haven’t read all of the Hellboy books, but have gotten through several and I have also seen the film, which I liked very much. That said, I’m not sure if this is a continuity tale or not. There is a flash back and tie in to the past presented here that could conceivably make it fit the timelines for all you Hellboy regulars out there. The animation is decent, but it is weird seeing Hellboy and Abe rendered in the same style as Buzz Lightyear.

The story takes place on Long Island in a Haunted Mansion that has just been bought by a wealthy publicity hound that wants to turn the place into a Haunted Attraction. He also happens to be best friends with the government official who funds the BRPD.  So in a highly unlikely event, they send Hellboy, Abe, Liz and also the Professor to clear “the ghosts.” Turns out to be a whole lot more, as the ghosts are the tormented spirit of a Vampire that dated back to the Professor’s first ever case, pre-Hellboy. She has also brought along one of the Gods of Darkness, Hecate, who wants to suck Hellboy back into the pit.  Because this is animated, Guillermo Del Toro (writer/direct of the film), Mike Mignola (creater of Hellboy) and Tad Stones (Buzz Lightyear of Star Command) can do things they probably couldn’t I nthe movie, but because it was for television and kids indirectly, they had to pull some of the really over the top concepts, especially when you are talk demons and vampires. The direction they took was very strong and at no point did you feel gypped on the outcome. Fans of the comic books should definitely enjoy this.

Bonus features: To start, there is a comic book inside the packaging called “The Yearning”. It is the same animation style as the show, so it is a nice tie in. There is an excellent audio commentary. There are two behind the scenes featurettes, an interesting spin on the story that reverses the Memento style quality of “Blood and Iron” and runs it sequentially and lastly there is the animated debut of Hellboy called “Iron Shoes”. The disc is packed full of goodies.

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