Story: ALONE WITH HER is a story seen completely from the point of view of Doug, a disturbed, lonely voyeur who fixates on the beautiful and equally lonely Amy. He follows her around, sets up cameras in her apartment and watches her every move. Once obsessed, he decides he can no longer just watch and attempts to integrate himself into Amy’s life. Only after rejection starts does Doug’s obsession become more and more dangerous.

The Film Itself: Now here’s an interesting unique idea for a movie. First off, this isn’t exactly a “horror” film, but because of the scary nature of its story and the fact that this kind of thing does in fact happen all the time, I personally find it terrifying. Everyone should watch this. Especially women. As a warning to the type of people that are out there. Doug (played by Colin Hanks) is a nice, clean cut fellow whose social interactions with people aren’t exactly… normal. He decides to obsess over the lovely Amy, a humble girl living on her own and reeling from a previous failed relationship. The coolest thing about this movie is that technically it’s not a movie. All the footage we’re seeing is all of Doug’s actual video surveillance. We see from start to finish what he sees. And in turn this movie does what you don’t expect. It make’s YOU the voyeur. Oddly enough, you start to feel creepy about yourself for paying so much attention to Amy, but at the same time, because of her vulnerability, it’s just so easy to fall in love with her. (Hell, I know I did.) It also makes it all the more terrifying as the movie progresses and we start seeing what Doug is truly capable of. I don’t want to give too much away, but rest assured that despite the small cast (consisting primarily of Hanks, Talancon and Jordana Spiro), it’s still engrossing from start to finish. (I guess in the same way people find “reality” television so engrossing, although I don’t know because I don’t watch “reality” tv!) Writer/Director Eric Nicholas has crafted a wonderful film here, in the vein (in spirit) of PSYCHO. And I can only hope he continues to delve into the horror genre, because I’d love to see what else he’s capable of as a filmmaker.

Special Features: Do NOT let the cover image dissuade you from checking this DVD out. Yes, the cover image tries to sell it as some kind of  “When A Stranger Calls”-type thriller, but this is much, much classier and original then any remake could ever be. In fact, let me embed the original cover below as it sums up better the vibe I got from watching the film. There is a commentary track with Writer/Director Eric Nicholas, as well as an alternate ending, which although I liked, I almost preferred the movies true ending. There’s also a short featurette of “stalker” facts which is quite frankly the scariest thing on the disc. Check this out. –Robg.

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