Tetsuo: The Iron Man


Tetsuo: The Iron Man (Tartan Video, 8322 Beverly Blvd, Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90048). This is one of the most bizarre films you will ever see. The film is done in black and white and much of it is handheld which gives it a very unsettling look at times. The film is like David Lynch’s “Erasurehead” meets Jeff Goldblum’s “The Fly”, gone cyberpunk. An everyday average Joe becomes afflicted with a condition that is slowly turning him into a cyborg. Different parts of him are becoming attached to pieces of metal and machines. Understandably, he is beginning to lose his mind. He takes it out on his girlfriend, who has a fairly short part in the film. He also meets up with a cyberpunk, who unlike himself, is intentionally transforming into a cyborg. The two do battle, but who will win? There are moments you will be lost, much like a Lynch film, but also like Lynch, the shots are so astonishingly cool, you just don’t care. This is my all time favorite Japanese film that is not animated, and it is about time it got a proper release in the States that also includes a preview of the director’s (Tsukamato) newest film. (DVD)-Myk

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  1. It’s about guilt. The main character is feeling guilty for something wrong he did in the past (car accident i guess) so he starts to hate himself. The more he hates, more metal is attached to him.
    In the end, the hate takes him over completely.

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