Message from HATCHET writer/director ADAM GREEN

Filmmaker ADAM GREEN has written in to comment on our last news post about helping to get HATCHET into theaters. Here’s what he had to say directly to YOU, the fans…

"To clarify…We’ll get an "R" somehow like everyone does and the "NC-17" will be a non issue. But as far as theaters go- we just need the fans to help make sure it is in a theater near them. All they have to do is start calling (and having their friends call) once a week and asking if Hatchet is going to play there. The managers LISTEN! And they talk to the other theaters in their chain. This is how they did Blair Witch and Napolean Dynamite…and we already have a leg up on those. We will be wide across America- those were limited NY and LA runs at first. The only issue with an indie like Hatchet is that we will be in very FEW theaters per city as opposed to the studio fare that will be on several screens in several theaters in every square mile. But we will be everywhere.

But sadly, many theaters would rather run the remake of the month on 3 screens within their complex on every hour- than give a small film like Hatchet one of those screens. But if enough of the fans ACTUALLY do something and just pick up the phone or go speak to a manager in person…they WILL PLAY IT. The problem is that horror fans bitch on line, whine at conventions, and talk a big game…but then they don’t leave their houses on opening weekend. For every "fan" who whined about The Fog and When A Stranger Calls…where were they for Behind The Mask? They were at Hills Have Eyes 2. And then they cry about how Hollywood sucks. It’s the fans fault that this has happened with our genre because they support it and they KEEP spending money on the wrong movies. All Hollywood cares about is MONEY. If the fans supported My Little Pony movies- that’s what Hollywood would make. I’ve overcome every obstacle and beaten myself to death to get the ball here in the end zone. But the fans need to kick the field goal to win it now.

So it’s our job to convey this to every horror fan in America. I’m not saying stop going to see the remakes. But if you’re gonna do that- go buy a ticket for Hatchet, too and stop being the ones to pull the switch in the gas chamber for horror. Support rated R, new, fun shit! Let’s show Hollywood that we enjoy more than torture and remakes and PG-13 offerings. I’ve done my part and I’ve sacrificed EVERYTHING to get here…now it’s up to the fans to do their part. Just SHOW UP. That’s all you have to do is SUPPORT it."

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