Just added! A FRIGHT exclusive interview with filmmaker/writer/director DAVE PARKER! Dave made his debut with the Full Moon indie cult classic THE DEAD HATE THE LIVING! He wrote the original first draft for HOUSE OF THE DEAD (Wait ’til you read the story behind that movie!) and is set to return to the genre with THE HILLS RUN RED! Read on…

Ever since we started Icons Of Fright, we’ve always wanted to talk to filmmaker DAVE PARKER. Well, this month we got to speak to Dave extensively about his underrated Full Moon debut THE DEAD HATE THE LIVING!, what it’s like to work on DVD documentaries for some of the most iconic superheroes and FINALLY… we get to hear exactly what the hell happened with House Of The Dead! He also speaks candidly about the upcoming THE HILLS RUN RED which marks his return to directing! Click the frame for the FRIGHT exclusive interview!


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