V/A “Sound Of Superman”

V/A "Sound Of Superman" (Rhino, 3400 W, Olive Ave, Burbank, CA 91505).

This compilation is the epitome of cashing in. It was released to correspond with the release of Superman Returns, but has nothing to do with the film and little to do with the character for that matter. This is a collection of 14 tracks that is targeted at the emo/ pop-punk scene with the intent of raising the bands profiles through A) the film and B) covers of well known and respected older bands. The gimmick here is that all the songs are somehow related to Superman, for example, The Receiving End Of Sirens do the song “Superman”. Now, on the cover, seems reasonable, but when you dig in a find that the songs was originally done by the Stereophonics, you realize that most of the disk is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Larger bands like American Hi-Fi did originals, seven of the tracks fit that bill. The others are covers of sonhs by the likes of The Kinks, R.E.M., The Flaming Lips, Donovan and Foo Fighters to name a few. The album becomes monotonous due to the fact that so many of these bands sound alike. Bands like Nightmare Of You, The Academy Is…, Motion City Soundtrack and underground darlings, Paramore. There really isn’t too much exciting here and this could have been a much better album if they included the original tracks on here instead of covers by bands that weren’t alive when the originals were recorded. This is a decent idea that took a definitive wrong turn in favor of a little extra promotion and dollar gain. The only compelling track on this is the song by Sara Routh, Brandon’s sister. (CD)-Myk

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