V/A “Saw II Soundtrack”

V/A "Saw II Soundtrack" (Image Entertainment, 20525 Nordhoff St. Suite 200, Chatsworth, CA 91311).

Musically, this cd is the perfect accompaniment to the MTV age we have all stepped into, including the fast paced video style of film making, a style that is strongly used in Saw II. When assembling the groups for this, they did a good job of avoiding picking bands that all sounded alike and the bands weren’t all necessarily huge bands either, something that plagues many soundtracks. The standout track on this, that shows free thinking is the song by the Revolting Cocks. Not exactly a household name, even if the members went on to bands that were. It seems that the direction they were going for was a dark to Industrial one and I think that there are many more deserving bands than they used. I think the inclusion of Sevendust was a mistake, as they were never that good. Blood Simple was a bit surprising as a name to make this list as well, but they may have been going for fresh blood at the time. Marilyn Manson was a logical choice, especially with the inclusion of an exclusive mix for the film. On the surface, Queens Of The Stone Age is an odd choice, but being remixed by UNKLE turns the track right down the path towards the dark side. I won’t say that this is my favorite soundtrack ever, but it was bold and well thought out. I would debate a few of the choices as questionable, with maybe some pressure from a music company or two, but with the odd inclusions of some of the bands, they did put real thought into this. Films “soundtracks” have become such a marketing tool of late, that when one like this comes and has little true commercial value it shows itself to be a real “soundtrack” and not a “music inspired by” cd. I may not be a fan of the bands on here, some anyway, but I am a fan of the process that put this one together. (CD)-Myk

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