Superman Returns “Music From The Motion Picture”

Superman Returns "Music From The Motion Picture" (Rhino, 3400 W, Olive Ave, Burbank, CA 91505).

There is little to be said about this cd, except they didn’t screw it up. Starting with a re-imagination of the John William’s movie theme going right through the film, the music is uplifting as the film was. The best part of soundtrack score cd’s like this one is the fact that you can hear the complete tracks, which are often abbreviated for the film. Damon Intrabartolo conducted a 97 piece orchestra to bring John Ottman’s score to life and with past works for Fantastic Four and X-Men, this might be Ottman’s best works. When you are dealing with the best character, you can sculpt the best work, and without Superman, there would be no FF or X-men. The album isn’t as hefty as the works of Williams from 1978, but the Superman Returns is a little more whimsical and light hearted as well, all of which is reflected in the music. If you are a film buff or an avid collector of scores, or like to hear how music truly impacts a film, this is as good an example as you will find. Scores are today’s equivalent of Classical music. (CD)-Myk

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