“Prom Queen Massacre” – V/A

"Prom Queen Massacre" – V/A
(Horror High Records, 2006)

One of the more subtle casualties of the internet-age has become the compilation album. MySpace, and band websites with MP3s, have typically made the genre of comp obsolete. Comp CDs in their inception were an affordable way to check out a few dozen bands and then go off to buy full-lengths of the bands that stood out; rarely, if ever, was the comp record enjoyable, in and of itself, from beginning to end.

Horror High bucks the trend with their first compilation, Prom Queen Massacre. In the label’s fourth release, PQM features twenty of the tightest and most infamous Horror Rock bands in music today. The record offers a soundtrack for Halloween from start to finish, with Wednesday 13 filling in the gaps by providing narration. Standout tracks here are Trashlight Vision ("NOLA"), Calabrese ("Children of the Night"), and Nim Vind ("Killer Creature Double Feature") – styles vary from traditional Misfits-esque Horror Rock to some tracks sounding a bit harder. Horror High wraps it up with a slick looking package, and a full color booklet. Is it worth your $9.99? You betcha. (Available at www.MerchMonster.com). – Adam Raines

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