PICK ME UP: Masters Of Horror DVD

Pick Me Up: Masters Of Horror (Anchor Bay, 1699 Stutz Dr, Troy, MI 48084).

This is the reason I hate Hick towns! In an extremely abbreviated description, this film is about a bunch of yahoos in and around a mountain town that kill hitchhikers or non-locals. They just differ in their methods of killing. Michael Moriarty plays the guy that likes to pick up hitchhikers in his tractor trailer and then kill them. Warren Kole is “Walker” or the guy who hitchhikes and kills the driver or any hikers he might encounter. The film also stars Fairuza Balk, (who is still hot in that skanky sort of way), a woman that is stranded in the mountains after the bus she was on broke down. The film also stars Laurene London, was written by David Schow (The Crow) and was directed by Larry Cohen of It’s Alive and Q fame.

Visually, Cohen does some really cool low budget film tricks, especially a hotel room show in which he swings the camera straight over three rooms to see coincidental action between characters. The story is high action, but it isn’t long enough to develop a real love for any of the characters to establish emotional interest. I like Moriarty best myself, but he does psychotic so well.

Special features include an audio commentary with Larry Cohen, who does throw around some nice history bits to tie this with his older films. Behind the Scenes features, Fantasy Film Festival segment with Mick Garris and on the set interviews with the three stars make this one of the last DVD’s in the series with the original allotment of cool extras. (DVD)-Myk

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