PELTS: Masters Of Horror DVD

Pelts: Masters Of Horror (Anchor Bay, 1699 Stutz Dr, Troy, MI 48084).

Once again, Dario Argento has laid out a tail of twisted, sexually charged deviance that is second to none, except perhaps some of the stories that are found in Clive Barker’s “Books Of Blood”.

The story starts with the introduction of Argento alumnus John Saxon as a fur trapper that has fallen out of favor with local furrier Jake Feldman (Meatloaf). Jameson (Saxon) has found a field full of the most beautiful Raccoons that he or any other fur lover has ever seen, but it is abundantly clear that the creatures are sentient. They are also located in a set of ancient ruins that are fenced in on a local property. You know no good can come of killing these animals, which Jameson and his son proceed to do. The Pelts seem to have a negative effect on anyone who comes in contact with them and also holds the ability to grant the owner his/her deepest hearts desire, but at a cost.

Feldman’s deepest desire is local Lesbian Stripper and model hopeful Mira (played by the stunning Melissa Gonzalez) who he entices finally by asking her to model the coat made from these stunning animal funs. Needless to say, the encounter between the two deteriorates into one of the most over the top and original blood baths you will see anywhere. All I am going to say is skin vest, see the film and you will know what I mean.

Special features: Since Starz took over Anchor Baym these once stellar disks have deteriorated a bit. There is an audio commentary with the write which is ok. A behind the scenes effects short and a short about mastering the sound with Claudio Simonetti, but the disc lacks the nearly three hours of goodies that the first season disks benefited from. Oh well. (DVD)-Myk

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