Manitou, The (Myk’s Review)

Manitou (Anchor Bay, 1699 Stutz Dr, Troy, MI 48084).

Over the years, I have seen this film a couple of times. It was originally released in 1978, but this dvd presents the film in a new remastered wide screen print that is excellent. The film stars Tony Curtis as a fake fortune teller and Stella Stevens as his ex-girlfriend and competition fortune teller. The problem arises when Ameila (Stevens) finds a lump in her neck that isn’t normal. The doctors X ray the growing lump, only to find a baby in it. This introduces John Singing Rock (Michael Ansara) as a local Indian shaman that knows that the lump is actual; a modern incarnation of an ancient medicine man trying to be reborn as an immortal in the modern day. The effects on the film are painfully ‘70’s locked and anyone with a shred of technical knowledge will get a chuckle out of what they attempt to do with the hospitals “computers”. That aside, this is a fun film. It is the perfect example of a Saturday afternoon local TV station film. The kind you might see on he off week from the Godzilla marathons we all grew up with. Not much in the extras department, but the fact that they found a print this good kind of makes up for that. (DVD)-Myk

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