IMPRINT: Masters Of Horror DVD (Myk’s Review)

Imprint: Masters of Horror (Anchor Bay, 1699 Stutz Dr, Troy, MI 48084).

This film has a little for everyone. There is a hideously deformed character, a Dwarf, a ghost story, sexy women, a strange American in feudal Asia, blood, guts and torture, plus it is all orchestrated by Japan’s Takashi Miike.

Billy Drago plays Christopher, an American who falls in love with a Japanese prostitute, but leaves her to the life after a night of passion. Years after the encounter he has returned to locate his love and take her back to civilization. When he gets to the island where the prostitutes live, he finds out she is dead and is befriended by the one hooker no man wants, because it looks like her face has melted. She spins a tale of Christopher’s loves demise, but is it the truth? The tale is full of ghosts, fantasy, so truth, torture to the death and the theft of a ring, that lead to that death.

This is the only episode of MOH no to air on Showtime. They deemed it too graphic, too politically incorrect, and too intense fro the average viewer. You should take the time to see this though. See, the thing is, that compared to Miike’s work like Audition and Ichi, this isn’t all that graphic. There are a few minutes that are uncomfortable, and a few minutes that are definitely degrading towards Western women (the real reason this was never shown), but as a whole, it wasn’t that over the top.

Bonus features on this are plenty. A behind the scenes look at the make-up of the film. An interview with Miike, behind the scenes interviews, a bio, a still gallery and an audio commentary with writers Chris D and Wyatt Doyle. Now, neither of these guys had anything to do with the production of the film, but it ascends to one of the most in depth, well versed discussions on this film and Miike’s work you will see anywhere. You even get to hear them tear apart Showtime for not allowing this on the air. Extremely well created piece on cinema history. (DVD)-Myk

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