“Deep Dark” – Mister Monster

"Deep Dark" – Mister Monster (Hell Hundred Records, 2005)

In the bands first (of two) post-Bastard releases, J-Sin takes Mister Monster’s sound to the next level with Deep Dark. The title track itself is worth the price of admission – "Deep Dark" is complex, catchy, and original (and has quickly become one of my favorite punk songs). Mister Monster takes their Over Your Dead Body sound to the next level, and proves again how they are forging their own path in Horror Rock and not just re-processing The Misfits. "The Torn Prince" and "Glow" are worthy b-sides (I prefer the latter of the two), and the EP finishes off with an awesome cover of "Science Fiction Double Feature". And if that weren’t enough, included is a computer-playable "Deep Dark" video. (Available at www.middlepillar.com) – Adam Raines

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