Blitzkid – “Let Flowers Die”

Blitzkid "Let Flowers Die" (Antidote Records).

This is an old album I had laying around. I receive a lot of cd’s for review and unfortunately, I can’t get to them all. The thing is, that this album fits Icons better than it does Under The Volcano, so I feel better doing it for here than the mag. It also happens that the album was just re-released through the bands website, so it gives them the same kick as well. Blitzkid plays horror rock. It is similar to the post Danzig Misfit albums like “American Psycho” and the far superior “Famous Monsters”. The album sort of clocks in between “Famous Monsters” and the Necromantix, plus it has some of the metallic kick of Danzig’s early solo albums. Most of the vocals are cleanly sung, but at times they have some real grissle to them. The band has successfully transferred that old horror sound to a more modern version in the way that AFI attempts but sorely misses in their overtly melodramatic way. The music brings to mind a sound that I could imagine a Zakk Wylde type guitarist being added to the band. The sound is crunchy and rock n roll, but does not venture into the pure metal or Death Metal realm. Of the bands that I have encountered that are post Misfits, Blitzkid really hits the mark. What AFI and Marilyn Manson has missed because of too much theatrics and what the Murderdolls weren’t around enough to perfect, Blitzkid delivers on. This is what the Deathrock scene can deliver given the chance. (CD)-Myk

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