Zombi 2

Story: After a stow-away boat drifts into New York City harbor, complete with a zombie, reporter Peter West joins the boat owner’s daughter to figure out the whereabouts of her father, last seen in the Carribean. What they discover is an island where the dead rise & walk upon the land of the living.

The Film Itself: Here it is! Zombi 2 or as it’s known in America, Zombie. George Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead was released as Zombi by Dario Argento overseas, so technically this is meant to be an unauthorized sequel. It also marks one of Lucio Fulci’s best and most recgonized films. The zombie effects are top notch and there’s some unbelievable gore, such as the legendary wood splinter in the eye kill. Oh, did we mention the fight between a zombie and a shark? Well, that’s here too. Although, I personally prefer the Romero zombie films, this is hailed by most horror fans as one of the best living dead movies ever and it is indeed a classic. As a zombie fan you should see it at least once. The ending alone is worth it & is probably one of my favorite endings to a movie EVER! The dubbing which is trademark in most Italian horror films is the only thing that tends to bothers me, but it doesn’t take away for the overall enjoyment of this (or any other badly dubbed) Italian horror movie.

Special Features: This disc was once available thru Anchor Bay, and also came out this past month thru Blue Underground, but this is the Shriek Show version, and let me tell you… it’s the only edition you’d ever need. I can’t imagine another Zombie DVD being packed with more special features then this one. There’s some extensive documentary footage talking to just about everyone involved in the film from writers to producers to zombie actors. There’s commentary present here with actor Ian McCullogh, an extensive photo gallery & trailers for just about every Zombie related film Shriek Show has to offer. (I plan on investing in a few!) Some other sites have complained about the variation in color and lighting from this and the Blue Underground version… but ya know what? Who cares!? The film itself looks great to me the whole way thru. After owning every crappy video version of these zombie flicks on VHS, any restoration on DVD is a step up and acceptable. Hands down, this is just one of the best Special Edition’s a zombie fan can ask for. – robg.

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