Story/ The Film Itself: I love Zombie films. I also appreciate the effort that goes into an independent film release and the pure joy that must come when a pretty major studio picks up your film, but this film is the pits. The film is an "Urban Horror" film. Basically, the film takes place in the inner city and centers around a warehouse and the main character Josephine. She spends the whole movie running from the undead, until she finds out they have captured her husband. Despite the realization that he is probably dead, she continues looking for him which leads her back to her place of employment, where all her co-workers are now after her flesh. The dialogue of this film is atrocious. The scenery is limited to say the least, including trying to use the same places for multiple locations. The picture looks to be made on video, but of that I am not positive. The effects are limited at best, and poor for most of what you get. The acting seems like they just randomly picked people up off the street and is far from convincing. It took all of ten minutes to lose all expectations for the film and on that, it delivered. You can skip this one. (Lion’s Gate, 2700 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404) (DVD) – Myk.

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