The Story/ The Film Itself: A woman named Linda (music video vixen Tawney Kitaen) is possessed by an evil spirit through the use of a ouija board believing the spirit to be that of a ten year old boy. At first the spirit is helpful such as helping Linda find a lost ring, but this is only a trick to lure her into using the board more and more. Eventually her behavior starts changing and people around her begin to suffer mysterious deaths. It’s up to Linda’s boyfriend Jim and her ex-boyfriend Brandon to save her before it’s too late. Witchboard is a highly underrated horror film. Unlike many horror films of the eighties, Witchboard focuses on suspense and not gore. It creates high tension and is at times atmospheric. The characters are also not the standard fodder for the body count. All the characters in the movie have a purpose. They are likeable, although not so much at first. Alongside Tawney Kitaen, the film also stars Todd Allen, Stephen Nichols, Kathleen Wilhoite as a zany psychic and Rose Marie (of The Dick Van Dyke Show) as the landlord. The movie is directed by Kevin S. Tenney who later directed Night Of The Demons. Followed by the excellent Witchboard 2: The Devil’s Doorway (not available on dvd) and the not so good Witchboard: Possession (available on dvd from Artisan.)

Special Features: Commentary by Writer/Director Kevin S. Tenney, Executive Producer Walter Josten and Producer Jeff Geoffray/ The Making Of Witchboard/ Theatrical Trailer/ TV Spots. – neil a.

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