Wishmaster/Wishmaster 2

The Story: Wishmaster – With this movie a new horror icon was unleashed. He is known as the Djinn, an ancient evil genie from a world between worlds. After being trapped inside a gem he his accidentally freed. He must then find his owner and grant her three wishes. By doing so his race will be able to take over the Earth. Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies – Pretty much the same as the first only now the Djinn needs to take 1,001 souls to end the world.

The Film Itself: Wishmaster – As lame as the movie sounds it is actually very good. Andrew Divoff plays the Djinn perfectly, sinister but with a sense of humor. While there are some similarities between the Djinn & Freddy Kruegar, Divoff manages to hold his own & make the character unique. Tammy Lauren plays Alex & is everything a heroine should be. She is tough, smart and beautiful. The gruesome special effects are another strong point of the movie. Aside from a few weak cgi moments the special effects are outrageous. Another highlight of the film is the appearance of some other horror icons such as Kane Hodder, Robert Englund, Tony Todd & Angus Scrimm (voice only) among others. Verne Troyer (MiniMe) plays an embryonic Djinn when he his first released from the gem. Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies – This movie, sorry to say, just plain sucks. Everything about the original that made it so much fun is gone in the sequel except for the return of Andrew Divoff as the Djinn. Even then the character seems diminished somehow due to horrible writing. In the original his quips were clever & funny. In the sequel they are stupid; such as when he freezes a police officer and says, "He needed to chill out." Really. The humor used to take second-hand to the evil, but now it seems the other way around. The rest of the cast is awful. Not necessarily because the acting was bad, but because they were not interesting characters. The special effects, which are needed to make a film like this work, are few & far between. The only scene worth mentioning is the casino scene towards the end which features a killer card machine which shoots cards out at a rapid speed which cut through people’s faces. While something similar to this was done in Sometimes They Come Back…Again, it is done much better here. One idea that worked for the film was that the Djinn would go to prison and to a casino. Where else would one go when in need of 1001 desperate souls? Unfortunately nothing interesting comes of it. Although I don’t recommend this movie you might as well check it out since it is on the same dvd as the original which I do recommend.

Special Features: Wishmaster – There is a 25 minute making of documentary which offers a quick look at the production of Wishmaster including interviews with the writer, the director, and Andrew Divoff the Djinn himself; plus footage of an on set fire that closed production for a day. There is also a commentary from the writer & the director, which is kind of boring & there is no need to listen to it if you already watched the documentary. Also included are production notes & the theatrical trailer. Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies – Production Notes, Cast & Crew Information, and a trailer. – neil a.

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