Wishmaster 3

The Story: A new Djinn is in town, or at college to be more exact. Same basic story. The Djinn is freed & must grant three wishes of the person who released him to take over the world & kill the human race.

The Film Itself: After the disaster of Wishmaster 2, I had low expectations for the third in the series. Surprisingly, it is just as good as the original. The formula is a little different for this movie. Being that it takes place at college it brings younger characters into the mix. It’s sort of like Wishmaster meets Scream. Jason Connery (Sean’s son) takes the role of the Djinn in human form as a professor instead of the untouchable Andrew Divoff. While not as good as Divoff, Connery is still plausible in the role. John Novak is the Djinn himself and is okay in the role. His voice wasn’t as good as it seems that Divoff used more of his natural voice. This time around the Djinn sounds more demonic which isn’t as effective. It should be pointed out though that this is a different Djinn from the first two movies. A.J. Cook (Final Destination 2) plays Diana. As usual she does an excellent job as the heroine. The supporting cast also rise above, especially Louisette Geiss as Katie, Diana’s best friend. Daniella Evangelista and Emmanuelle Vaugier star alongside A.J. Cook once again after starring in Ripper: Letter From Hell together. The death scenes are cool too, but nothing that hasn’t been done before such as a girl puking up her insides and another death scene which recalls Linnea Quigley’s infamous demise in Silent Night Deadly Night. The storyline tends to get a little lame with an angel from heaven coming to help Diana defeat the Wishmaster, but that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of the film.

Special Features: There is a highly entertaining commentary from the director & cast members which is both funny and informative, 5 minutes of behind the scenes footage, storyboard gallery, production notes, and cast & crew information. This dvd is available separately or in a double pack with Wishmaster 1 & 2 for a very low price. – neil a.

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